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Are there really some companies that will give you a chance to win cash?  Yes there are several.  Some companies have contests that they run for their members only in which they give away prizes in the form of cash.  Others may offer daily drawings for their registered users to earn cash just for being active on their site.

In addition to these cash drawings, giveaways and contests they will also allow to earn money everyday.  This gives you an extra incentive to remain a loyal member of the site and even recommend to your friends and others!  How much cash do they giveaway?  Some sites will give you $5 up to an extra $500 and sometimes more depending on the contest or offer.  Make sure that you check the companies official Facebook page for more rewards, promotions and cash giveaways there too.

You may think that it is difficult to win contests but the strategy to getting a good chance of winning is to remain very active on these sites.  The more you participate the more likely you will have a greater chance of winning.  A lot of these sites give out cash prizes for their members who have earned the most for the month and so forth.

Here are some sites that are known to giveaway cash to their users.  Don’t forget to sign up in order to qualify.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes

As a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards. Click Here

This legit survey site gives away $2 cash daily every four hours and $50 daily.  You will also earn cash completing short polls on this site.  I have already won $50 from this site just 2 days ago.


This is an extension browser that you download to your computer that will pay you to visit websites based on your search results.  It only takes seconds to install.  Doesn’t harm your computer and pays you per click.  This site is totally legit.  I have received payment from them multiple times already. They just recently held a contest where they gave away $500 to several people.  You can earn cash with this site daily when you search for stuff online.  Watch the video at the end of this post to see how much I won from Qmee.


Bring Home the Bacon! Start Driving with DoorDash Today and make great money on your own schedule. Click Here to start.

This smartphone app that will give you cash back for scanning your receipts on your smartphone has several cash giveaways for their members several times throughout the year.  It is definitely worth signing up for this site to get extra cash.


Another smartphone app that you give you cash back for scanning your receipts always gives away $500 a week to one of their registered members for uploading at least $60 in one single grocery trip.  They always post their winning users on their official Facebook page holding a check in the amount of $500.

Snap by Groupon

This is another app that you can download for free to get cash back for uploading your receipts.  They frequently hold contests where they will give away up to $2,500 just for uploading your receipts to them.


This site rewards you with points daily to watch videos, complete short tasks, play games, take survey and much more that you can redeem for PayPal cash and other gift cards.  They have a contest going on right now where you can earn 5,000 SB swagbucks per week for an entire year!

Cash Crate

This site will pay you to answer questions, watch videos, play games and much more!  They have a contest where 40 of their members will get a cash award for earning the most money in Jan. completing surveys and so forth.  You can check the leader board below.


This app will reward you for surfing the Internet, watching videos, TV and much more.  They frequently have giveaways for gift cards that you can spend just like cash!


This site will give you free points and send you a check in the mail for watching videos, listening to music and much more.  They give away free points regularly on their Facebook page to help you get your cash faster!

Make sure you sign up with these sites today and remember that you will never get a chance to win if you never give it a try.  Watch this video for a couple of sites that I won cash from recently.

If you are aware of some other sites that giveaway cash, please share them in your comments below.


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