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I have uncovered several legitimate companies that will pay you to work from home in customer service, transcription, as a virtual assistant, receptionist, home-based agents, completing data entry tasks, freelance gigs, writing articles online, and many more.  But would you like to know of some additional ways that you can earn extra cash right from your home?  If so, make sure that you continue to read so that you can find out how this can be accomplished.

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In this post, I will reveal 100 + different ways for you to make money from home.

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Make sure that you take note of some of these ideas that are becoming even more mainstream as more and more people are becoming aware of the online money-making opportunities that are available to them.  I am certain that you will find at least one or two, (possibly more) that will fit your skills and personality.

If you come across a new idea that you have never tried before, don’t hesitate to give it a try because you will never know if it will really work for you until you do.

100 Ways to Make Money from Home

1.  Writing slogans for major companies.
2.  Being an Online Tutor.  Try Brainfuse and a list of other companies that will pay you to do this here.
3.  Rent out your space with Neighbor.
4.  Giving companies’ names.  Websites from where you can find naming contests include and
5.  Make money by selling your trash.  Sell your empty wine bottles and any waste from your house to make extra earnings.
6.  You can sell your Crafts on Etsy.  Etsy is an online marketplace for crafters to sell their goods and make some real cash.
7.  Teach people your skills online.  Platforms such as Pop Expert and Udemy allow you to explain anything to anyone and make some extra money.
8. Sign up for sites that give you free gifts.  Some online sites such as Ebates will give $20 when you join.  Read more about how easy it is to make money with Ebates here.
9.  Offer virtual support for Apple iPhones right from your home.  You can fix Apple products such as iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks right from your couch and earn an extra living.  Read this Apple review here.
10.  Selling your smartphone photos.  An application called Foap can help you earn cash from your smartphone photos.
11.  You can earn money by writing articles online.  Find some paid writing gigs on here.
12.  Earn money from Nielsen by signing up on the Nielsen Consumer Panel.
13.  Earn 50 dollars a week by working for Amazon Mturk.  Find out how you can earn more with Amazon Mturk here.
14.  Watch more television and get paid by “RewardsTV“.
15.  To download free apps and test them on your smartphone and many other things.  Visit this page for a list of smartphone apps that pay.
16.  You can make up to 25 dollars per hour as a Transcriptionist.  A list of transcription companies is here.
17.  Make money by selling your old books.  Cash 4 Books is a legitimate site where you can sell your used books and ship them for free.  You will receive a check in the mail.
18.  Get paid for losing weight.  Sites such as HealthyWage and DietBet allow you to place a wager and earn money whenever you successfully lose weight.
19.  Turn Your Grocery Receipts in For Rebates using applications such as Ibotta App.  Here are more apps similar to the Ibotta app that will give you cash for your receipts.
20.  Become a Test Knitter, by visiting sites such as Ravelry.
21.  Fix Google Search Results.
22.  Some banks such as Capital One 360 Savings will pay you for opening a second account with them.
23.  Rent/Sell Your Clothes Online through sites such as Thredup and Swap.
24.  Get paid by companies such as Google for downloading and installing their applications on your cell phone.  Such applications may include Savvy Connect and the Smart Panel.
25.  Make cash by selling your junk mail to market research companies such as SBK Centre.
26.  Earn money by rating your local pizza place for mystery shopping companies such as Best Mark and Intelli-shop.  Read more about BestMark and other mystery shopping companies here.
27.  You can make some extra cash by watching YouTube-Like Videos.  InboxDollars will pay you for doing this.
28.  Deliver Groceries and earn up to 25 dollars per hour.  Sign up with Instacart to start doing this.
29.  Wal-Mart will award you up to $599 dollars which you can use to spend back at Walmart as a gift card.  Watch this video for more details.
30.  Share your opinion on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and get paid for it by major polling and surveying companies such as Ipsos.
31.  You can get paid for spending time with pets and massaging them.
32.  Make an extra living by selling your skills on Fiverr.
33.  You can make extra money sharing links on social media with sites like MyLikes and Izea.
34.  Carry out online surveys for companies such as the Global Test Market.
35.  You can earn by just searching the web. rewards you for searching the web using Google, Yahoo, or Bing.
36.  Engage yourself in Social Investment Networks on platforms such as  Plus500 and
37.  You could also make an extra earning by selling your notes online through sites such as NoteUtopia.
38. Get paid for reviewing applications using online platforms such as and Whatusersdo.
39.  “Get Paid To” (GPT) sites such as Toluna and Swagbucks can reward you with cash for completing various tasks online.  You can find a HUGE list of get-paid-to-sites here.
40.  You can start your website and get paid for it.  Get a free blog from Weebly.
41.  Write Kindle books and publish them at Amazon Kindle Store.
42.  Earn extra cash from Affiliate marketing by signing up to an affiliate network such as Affiliate Window, Infolinks, and Panthera Network.
43.  Make money from your old phone housing, visit Gazelle or “Mobile Cash Mate” for fair deals.
44.  Become a “Clickworker” and make money by categorizing data, writing articles, translating, and much more.
45.  Review music at and get paid.
46.  Make money by buying domain names at a lower price and then selling them.  You can also sell websites with Flippa.
47.  You can earn by selling your old CDs, movies, and games on Amazon Trade-In.
48.  Rent out your parking space or your garage at home if you are not using it.  Try JustPark.
49.  Make money as a babysitter, create an account at or
50.  Apply at and become a Freelancer Interviewer.
51.  Visit and perform some Freelance Work to earn some extra coins.  Find out how to get work at home UpWork here.
52.  Transcribe medical records and earn some extra cash. Signup with to offer these services.
53.  Earn money as a medical case worker. Visit for more information.
54.  Earn some extra cash by being a bookkeeper for cloud-based companies such as Quickbooks and Xerox.
55.  You can make money by becoming a virtual administrative assistant. Go to Virtualassistants and also check out this page for some companies that need virtual assistants to work from home.
56.  Become a product tester and get to make money. Visit sites such as Pinecone Research,, and Bzzagent.
57.  Start a home daycare and earn money.
58.  Take photographs and sell them to get money. Visit Shutterstock and get started.
59.  Be a customer agent and make money. You can try companies like Sutherland CloudSource, LiveOps, and Amazon just to name a few.  You can find more companies currently hiring customer service agents to work from home listed on the weekly job section of here.
60.  You can carry our direct sales and make money.
61.  Serve as an online juror and get paid.  Find some companies here.
62.  Run various virtual errands.
63.  You can be a mommy or daddy blogger.
64.  You can be a jewelry designer.
65.  Making money by taking paid surveys.
66.  Start your own podcast.
67.  Make money by shaping future products on American Consumer Opinion Panel.
68.  You can be paid for sharing your views on things you watch on The Viewers.
69.  You can also be paid for being a market research panelist.
70.  You can be a translator if you have fluency in more than one language.
71.  You can do web designing and development right from your home.
72.  You be a call center representative. Get hired from Sykes.
73.  Work remotely as a Tech Support Specialist for call centers.
74.  You can get paid for operating a home-based travel agency.
75.  You can set up and own your Franchise right from home.
76.  You can be an infographic designer.
77.  Use your voice talent on “How-to” videos and get paid.
78.  Do financial writing for companies and get paid.
79.  You can do contract drafting and get paid 34.55 pounds per hour.
80.  Hire staff for companies and get paid.
81.  You can be employed by companies as a financial forecaster and get paid for it.
82.  You can be an electronic engineer of a particular company by helping them design layouts of their latest software.
83.  You can do CV writing online.
84.  Direct traffic to websites and get paid per click.
85.  Work as a direct salesperson.
86.  You can work as a corporate English trainer.
87.  Work as a telephone nurse.
88.  Watch commercials and short ads online or on your smartphone.
89.  Work as a pharmacy agent right from your home.
90.  You can work as a claims service manager.
91.  Work as a computer software engineer from your home.
92.  Perform data entry for companies such as Lionbridge/Smart Crowd.
93.  Provide PC desktop support at Accolade support ad get paid.
94.  Work as a medical coder for the Coding Network Company.
95.  Visit “Click n Work” company and get absorbed as a phone interviewer.
96.  You can be home-based concierges for Aspire Lifestyles.
97.  Work for Blooms Today Company from home, taking flower orders for their customers.
98.  Get employed at Convergys Company as a home-based phone support agent.
99.  Offer consultation services right from your home at a fee.
100.  You can sell your farm produce and make money right from your home.

I thought of 7 more ways that will help you to make money from home.

101.  Doing voiceovers on Fiverr or ACX.

102.  With your own YouTube channel.  Watch my latest YouTube video to find out more.

103.  Narrating children’s books.  A great option for those with a home studio.

104.  Selling home-baked goods.

105.  As a brand ambassador for companies.

106.  Make your own app or create apps for others.

107.  Offer to wash and fold other people’s clothes and linens at home.

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