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Are you a stay-at-home mom?  Maybe you are expecting your first child and plan to stay at home but would like to earn extra money from home.  If you are a stay-at-home mom or soon-to-be, you are probably no doubt planning ahead for the big changes that will take place in your life.  

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You may even be wondering if there are any practical ways that you can earn money at home.  I am not talking about selling stuff on eBay or Amazon, which a lot of people do to earn income from home.  I have done this as well myself but I eventually ran out of stuff to sell and I also wanted to keep the things I had.  

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If you feel the same way too, then I have a few alternatives for you that will not involve you selling your personal items to others over the Internet and then having to wait until someone buys them for you to earn money.

If you have small children and are limited in what you can do and how much time you can devote online, you can always try working in crowdsourcing and completing microtasks from home.  This is very popular because there are little to no demands on your time.  You can complete them whenever you have time and do as many or as few as you want.  No commitments or schedules to keep.  You will get paid for the work that you complete.  Some companies that will pay you to do this are Clickworker, Cloud Crowd, Microworkers, Job Boy, Short Task, and Amazon Mturk.   

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1.  Writing Articles or Blogging

Textbroker, iwriter, LondonBrokers,, and are a few companies that will pay you to write short articles on a variety of topics online.  If you enjoy writing, you should consider working for one of these publishing companies. You get to pick and choose when you accept assignments, so you can make as much or as little money as you’d like to make. You get paid every week through PayPal. If the company likes your work, you get a promotion because you can then accept higher-paying jobs. You will get paid more for each assignment every week.

2. Data Entry

Virtualbee, Great American Opportunities, and Gorge Warehouse are a few legit companies that actually hire data entry keyers to work from home.  Virtualbee pays $6 per hour and sometimes more depending upon how fast you type. They don’t require you to pay any money to join the company, and there is never a commitment to work for them. All you need to work for them is an internet connection and a computer. You’ll have to take a test in order to join. They have been allowing people to work from home for the past decade.  Great American Opportunities pays around $10 per hour.   

3.  Avon and Stella & Dot

Both of these companies are legitimate and will help you to start your own business selling cosmetics, jewelry, personal care products, and other items online from your home or both.  Avon only costs $10 for you to get started!  You can work your own hours and sell products that others love.  Check out Avon here to find out more about being an independent sales rep.  You can also go to Stella & Dot online to find out more about being a stylist.  You can even get started today.  

4.  Consultant

Are you an expert or have knowledge that you can share with others?  You could be a consultant online and help people start their own businesses, manage their money, deal with friendships and relationships, in parenting, start their own website, or in almost any area.  You could charge a consultant fee for your expertise and work practically on your very own schedule.  

5. Online Tutoring

If you enjoy teaching children, you would probably enjoy online tutoring. You can set up a webcam or just have a Skype conversation in order to do the tutoring. Nothing is impossible when it comes to starting your own business. Online tutoring will allow you the opportunity to help more people. If you are not interested in online tutoring, you could always set up your business from your house.  For a list of companies that need online tutors, please click here.

6. Babysitting

In some states, you need a permit to open your own daycare business. You could advertise your business on the internet, but this is not always necessary. Sometimes, it may be easier to get babysitting gigs simply by asking your friends if they need a babysitter.  The one advantage of working in this field is that you can watch your own kids and their kids at the same time.

7. Medical Transcriptionist

The duties of a medical transcriptionist change from case to case; however, there are two kinds of transcriptionists that usually get hired for the job. You may be asked to translate the medical information from one language to another. You may be asked to translate the official medical talk into laymen’s terms. This is an important job because you can’t get the medical information wrong.  There are numerous medical transcription jobs available online that are legitimate.

8. General Translations

Today, you can get any information translated from one language to another using a computerized system. The problem with the computerized system is that it may not translate the information as well as you’d like it to translate the information. This is the reason that a lot of translation companies are looking for a human translator. If you don’t think that the computer did a good job with your translation, you can always ask a human to do the translation for you.  Some companies that are looking for translators are Appen, Lionbridge, 1800 Translate, Clickworker, Word Express, and WorldLingo just to name a few. 

9. General Surveys

If you enjoy having your voice heard, you may be interested in filling out general surveys. Some companies will give you free products in addition to being compensated with cash. Every company has different incentives but there are many legitimate survey companies that will pay you for your honest opinions.  There are many big businesses that will reward you for taking the time to fill out and participate in their online surveys.  Some survey companies that really pay are Global Test Market, Prizebel, Paid Viewpoint, and Mindfield Online

10.  Writing Books

Are you a storyteller?  Maybe you would like to write and publish a tutorial on fitness or weight loss, how to decorate your home on a budget, extreme couponing, how to look like a movie star, or on any topic basically.  Createspace is an Amazon company that has free tools to help you get your book published and printed in just a few days.  There is no cost.  From the front cover to the back, they have everything you need to sell your book or books worldwide.  Check out CreateSpace here.

These are just a few legitimate ways that you will help you to earn money as a stay-at-home mom.


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