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Savvy Connect will pay you up to $60 to download and install their app on your devices.  This app makes it possible for you to participate in market research just by searching the Internet.  When you install their app you will be enrolled in the Survey Savvy behavioral research panel which will enable you to receive additional paid research opportunities.  You will also have instant access to all of your study invitations and not have to wait for an email to give your opinions and be rewarded for them.

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Here are some of the devices you can install the Savvy Connect app on and how much you will earn for each of them.

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  1. If you install it on a PC or Laptop only you will earn $20.
  2. For a PC or Laptop and your Smartphone, you will earn $40.
  3. For a PC or Laptop and a Tablet, you will earn $40.
  4. For a PC or Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet, you will earn $60.
  5. Update to the earnings above.  You will now earn $5 per device you have the Savvy Connect app installed on.  The maximum you will earn is $15 a month.  If you keep it installed on 3 devices for the year, you will earn $180!

Please remember:  You will have to keep the app installed in order to receive your incentive.

The app will not interfere with your online browsing activity or harm your computer.  Your personal browsing activity will stay and remain private.  The data gathered is used to gain insight into what TV shows people watch online, where they go shopping online, and things you may search for or research on the Internet.

You will receive specific surveys and opportunities for your participation.  This is in addition to the incentives for downloading the app.  Savvy Connect projects pay from $10 up to $30 for each one.  You can download the free app here and watch the video below for more information on Savvy Connect.


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