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How wonderful it would be if you could get a check in the mail just for doing something you probably already do online.  What is that?  Shopping.  Ebates is one of the most popular cash-back sites on the Internet today that partners with over 1,500 retailers around the world that will give you from 2 up to 15 percent cash back and sometimes more just for shopping online.

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Although it may sound too good to be true, you can really make money shopping online and I will tell you exactly how it works and why you should use this site every time you shop online.

How Ebates works?

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The very first thing that you need to do is join Ebates as a free member directly on their official website.  After you have done so with your email address you will need to confirm your email and log in to your account.  Before you shop anywhere online make sure that you log into your Ebates account first so that you can choose your store or preferred retailer and then go shopping.  It is just that simple.

Will it ever cost me anything?

Absolutely not.  Ebates is completely free and will never charge you any money.

What kind of retailers does Ebates partner with?

Ebates partners with thousands of well-known retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Nordstorm, JCPenney, Kohl’s, eBay, Old Navy, Target, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Avon, Barney’s Elizabeth Arden, Zappos, and so many others.  Many of these retailers have free coupon codes to help you save even more when you use Ebates to shop at their stores.

When will I get paid from Ebates?

Ebates sends out checks to its members every 3 months for purchases posted during the previous quarter.  If you qualify every quarter, you will get 4 checks a year.  Check out their quarterly payment schedule below.

Note – You can also opt to choose PayPal if you prefer this method or send your cash to a charity, organization, or family member.

How big will my check be from Ebates?

It depends on how large the cashback offer is from the stores or retailers that you selected to purchase items from online.  Ebates will keep track of this data for you which you will be able to see when you log into your Ebates account.

Can I shop online without using Ebates?

Certainly, you could but why would you?  If you do this, you will be forfeiting money that you could have received in the mail just for simply being a member of Ebates.  Depending upon how fat your check is, you could use it for a special purchase, such as spending money while you are on vacation to buy a new computer and so on.

Why do I recommend Ebates?

If you are still not convinced why Ebates is really worth your time, I will give 5 reasons to use Ebates when you shop online.

  1. Free coupons and discounts at your favorite stores
  2. Convenient and so easy to use.
  3. For extra money.
  4. It is 100% free!
  5. You get a free gift card after you make your first $25 purchase online.

Okay, I said 5 but I have one more.  You can earn cash for referring your friends and enter to win $20,000 in cash or a Dream Caribbean Cruise giveaway which many would welcome during this harsh winter.

Please sign up for Ebates right here and start earning extra money when you shop online.


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