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Many of you know that I regularly make and upload YouTube videos on my channel Workersonboard about legitimate companies that hire people to work from home for over 3 years now.  I never knew if anyone would watch or click on the videos to see the content that I prepared, presented, and published online.  In fact, the first month or so I didn’t even have one single subscriber.

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In the back of my mind, I wondered if others would really believe me or if would I simply be dismissed assuming that I was another online scammer.  To my surprise, someone did watch and became my very first subscriber.  Slowly but surely, others would watch and subscribe also.  I was so happy about this because I knew that it would shine a light on the real possibility of working from home and making money online without having to scam other people or resort to other deceptive methods to do so.

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You see, when I first started researching the Internet to find a work-at-home job, I was always told and I quote,

“There are no legitimate work at home jobs” and also “The only way you can make money online is by having a blog.”  

I wondered if that could really be true but I was determined to test it out because I had no other options.  I had to make this work and if I could really do it, I would let others know about it too.  After tremendous amounts of research and hours spent searching the Internet, I found real companies hiring people to do things like answer customer questions, type, take orders over the phone, search the web and compare results, provide tech support, help customers shop online, and many other jobs.

I thought to myself, If I could help just one person who may not know about these work-at-home job opportunities and who may be in the same situation that I was in to get a job, it would be worth it!  All of my hard work, time, and effort would not be in vain.  I also felt that it was important to expose the scams too so that no one would have to be a victim and lose some of their hard-earned money for a promise of riches or income that would never come to fruition.

My channel is not limited to this content alone because I also talk about blogging, writing ebooks, smartphone apps that pay, ways for teens to make money online and so much more.  Reflecting on this journey has made me appreciate the power of video and how it can spark discussions, arouse interest and bring awareness to common myths about working at home and making money online.

I want to share with you guys, my Top 10 Work at Home Videos according to stats and views. Some of the videos may be older but the content is still very relevant today and some companies are still hiring remote workers.

I hope that you will enjoy the information, share it with your friends, and subscribe if you haven’t already!  Thank you to all my subscribers!!!

1.  I never thought that this video would go over so well but this is my most popular and possibly controversial video to date.

2.  The volume on some of my older videos (including this one) is low because the volume on my laptop was turned down and I finally adjusted it before it broke.  Even though the video is older, these same companies are still hiring today and there are a couple more new companies that also hire web search evaluators to work from home also.

3.  Get paid $10 for each website you visit is the title of my third most popular video on YouTube.  Click here to watch it on YouTube.

4.  4 Sites that will Pay you Cash Daily is a video that I recorded on my second YouTube channel Workersonboard Insiders.  All of these sites are still in business today and also pay daily.

5.  Work at home Data Entry Job that Pays $18 per Hour is a video that I made 6 months ago but I still get asked questions about this job today.  There are several more companies that are mentioned in this video also that you can apply to online.

6.  This was one of the videos that I vividly remember making because this was one of the first of many times that I would expose a work-at-home scam on my channel.

7.  How to make up to $40 from home was a video that I made about a great opportunity for a company that is still hiring independent business owners today.  You can watch it below.

8.  Get paid $700 a week to mail envelopes from home?  Find out if this is really true by watching this video below.

9.  How to Get Songs to review on Music Xray is another popular video on my other channel that you can watch also.

10.  This last video is about some high-paying online studies that I also share on my YouTube channel today.  You can watch it below.


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wow!!! fantastic ones

    aw1219 · October 13, 2015 at 5:04 pm

    Thank you for reading, watching and for your comments. Have a great day!

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