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My Top 10 Work at Home Videos

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Most of you know that I have a YouTube channel where I make videos on a weekly basis about the latest companies hiring people to work from home.  I also talk about how you can earn extra cash by downloading free apps, taking mini polls, reviewing websites, online market research studies that pay around $50 and up and so much more.  I wrote a similar post about some of my most popular videos almost a year to date (you can see the list here).

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I wanted to follow up with that post because things have changed since then.

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Can you really make money with YouTube videos?

In case you are wondering if it is really worth it to make YouTube videos, my answer is yes but I wouldn’t rely solely on advertising earnings from YouTube or start a channel just to make money. Why?  I will expand on this later in a future video or post otherwise this article would be extremely long.

Personal Thank you to my Subscribers

I do want to take the time to thank you all so very much for subscribing to my channel, watching, commenting on my videos, sharing, and even liking them.  To be honest, I never imagined that I would write such a list or even have 50 subscribers not only over 80,000 subscribers on both of my channels combined.  But here I am today still making videos hoping that I can help just 1 person find a way to make money online…just as I was able to.

Before you check out the videos below, let me preface it by saying that the titles that you will see are not a complete reflection of every single detail that I mention in the video.  It is just a summary of the main idea.  I normally discuss a whole hodgepodge of topics in my videos to share as many resources as possible in just a few minutes.

Some videos are exclusively dedicated to one company or website but the majority of them are not.  So please feel free to watch them to the end or check them out, if you haven’t already.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for a future video about a work-at-home company, website, an app that pays, or other ways to make money at home that you would like me to make, please leave me your comments below and I will definitely take them into consideration to include and share with my audience.

How does YouTube rank its videos?

YouTube ranks each video based on watch time minutes and views.  Watch time minutes per video take precedence over views.  So a video with fewer views and more watch time minutes will be ranked higher than a video with more views and fewer watch time minutes.  Here is an example: One of my videos has 2,399 views with 13,146 watch time minutes.  It is ranked higher than my other video which has 4,779 views and only 12,508 watch time minutes.  So basically the longer a video is watched, the more you will earn.  If that makes any sense.

My Top 10 Work at Home Videos (so far)

This list will change as I continue to make and upload videos from now until the end of the year and beyond.  That is why I ended the title with (so far).  This list just gives you an idea of how my videos rank on YouTube currently.

1.  Make $12 per hour listening to songs online  – This is a video that I recorded about how you can make money listening to songs for just 30 seconds online.  Of course, you can listen to them longer but you will still earn $0.10 in 30 seconds.  I still use this site.  This video is about 2 years old. today.

2.  Work at home Data Entry job that pays $18 per hour – I made this video after I found out about a company that was looking for data entry keyers to work from home.  The job is no longer available but if they hire again, I will definitely let you know about it.

3. Non-phone job that pays $13-$15 per hour – This was in the beginning stages of my YouTube days sharing a few legitimate companies that will pay you to review web advertisements with web search results.  These companies are still hiring today.

4.  Get paid $10 for each website you visit – This video explains how you can make $10 in just 20 minutes or less of your time evaluating various websites online.

5.  How I made $75 in just 5 minutes (payment proof) – I hesitated in making this video because I had a lot of people tell me that Fiverr never really worked out for them.  I decided to make it because of that fact and also give real tips on what I did to create a gig, what I learned from using Fiverr, and what kind of gigs you can offer as well as how you can earn more money on this site.

6.  Get paid $700 to mail envelopes from home. – I ended the video title with a question mark to show whether this way to earn money online would be in question or doubtful.  I am hoping that this company is not still online but if it is, you can find out why I say to stay far away from it.

7.  List of companies that pay daily and more!  – Not only do I reveal which companies will pay you cash daily but I also mentioned a scam alert that was brought to my attention to make you aware so that you can avoid this and focus on legitimate work-at-home jobs.

8.  Amazon is hiring reps to work from home – I knew that Amazon had started opening up their positions to remote opportunities but I never really knew the impact of this until I saw them advertising work-at-home jobs in my local newspaper.  That is when I decided to make and record a video about Amazon to let others know about it too so they could apply online.

9.  My Screencast for Virtualbee – Virtualbee is now called the Smart Crowd at Lionbridge and in this video, I show you what kind of data entry work you will do from home, how to type in the snippets, and how much money you will earn typing for this company.

10.  How to Make $300 a week from home and more! – This video was me explaining how you can make at least $300 a week from home.  Many of you want to earn close to a full-time income and I decided to reveal some ways that you can achieve this and how I was able to do it.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for work-at-home videos, payment proofs, and other ways you can earn full-time, part-time, or extra income online.

How I made $1,000 on Udemy – I decided to make this video a month ago after I had analyzed my earnings and experience having online courses available on Udemy to give some insight and possibly encourage others to give it a try.

This is not a top 10 video but may be helpful for those who would like to earn passive income online.

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