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Were you able to reach some of the goals you set in 2015?  Maybe you wanted to get hired for a particular company, add a second job to your current one, start your own blog or simply find a way to make some extra money online.  If not, don’t give up hope too soon because there are literally a variety of ways that you can pursue to make money from home.

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I have talked about some of the ways that you could increase your online earnings right here on this blog.  For example, you could make extra money working from home in customer service, as a tutor, virtual assistant, a web search evaluator, with smartphone apps, taking online surveys, teaching an online course with Udemy, writing, and self-publishing your own ebooks and so much more.

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As a blogger, I have been able to earn the majority of my income through advertising but this is not the only method that I have used to earn money online.  In fact, I have actually tried and used some of the sites that I frequently recommend to you.

I want to share with you guys what sites I have made the most from in 2015.  Hopefully, this will encourage you to know what sites have worked for me and how you can use them to earn some extra cash for yourself also.

Please note that if a particular site is not on this site does not mean that I don’t use it, it just means that it was not my top money-maker for 2015.

Here are my Top 20  Online Earners for 2015

1.  Google Adsense – Although my earnings from Google Adsense were not as high as the previous year, it still continues to be my top online earner for 2015.  This is partly because I have incorporated Google Adsense ads on all of my blogs and website.

2.  Panthera Network – Panthera Network is an affiliate company that I use to promote various offers from well-known companies and brands.  I generally earn more than $250 a week from this site alone.  I encourage you to give Panthera Network a try if you have a blog or website and would like to use them to monetize your content. You can sign up as a publisher here.

3.  YouTube – Even though I have a couple of YouTube channels, I make the most from my main channel Workersonboard.  YouTube comes in at a close 3rd right on the heels of Panthera Network because I average anywhere from $230-$250 a week from advertisements that display in and underneath my YouTube videos.

4.  Indeed – Many of you are probably aware that indeed has a publisher program that allows you to make money by displaying jobs and job boards on your blog or website.  I talked about how you can make money with Indeed in my book entitled, “How to Make Money Everyday Blogging for Full-Time Income” which is now available on Amazon.  This may come as a shock but I earn a little more than $200 a week from Indeed.  This is passive income which means it takes little to no effort in order to earn money using this method.

5.  Private Offers – This could come in the form of sponsored posts, banner ads, blog mentions, and so forth from companies that may contact you to promote them on your blog or website.  I have generated approximately $5 K for 2015.

6.  CJ Affiliate by Conversant – This affiliate network that I partner with has helped me to earn more than $3 K for the year.  If you have a blog or website, you can sign up with them too.

7.  Amazon Direct Publishing – Although there are a lot of authors on Amazon who have self-published books that earn a lot more.  I have already earned close to $1,300 from the sales of my ebooks.

8.  Instant Cash Sweepstakes – I used to think this site was not legit due to the name but I am glad that I decided to give it a try.  I love this site because of the short mini-polls you can take to earn and win cash!  I have earned more than $1 K due to winnings and from referring others.

9.  Cash Crate – I really only started using this site back in May of this year but it can be a good way to make extra cash by checking in every day, sharing your payment proofs, participating in their contests, and encouraging your friends to give it a try.  To see a complete review about Cash Crate and how it works, click here.

10. – This is a Yahoo/Bing Advertising network that I used mostly on one of my blogs.  I do not feature their ads on all of my sites.  I have earn more than $1 K in 2015.

11.  Ebates –  Ebates is a great site to use to get cash back when you shop online.  I use Ebates to pay for my hosting and other things I purchase online.  In 2015, I earned almost $1,100 with Ebates so far.  They have an awesome referral program too.  You can read more about how you can easily make money with Ebates here.

12.  InstaGC – This is another site that is similar to Cash Crate where you will complete various simple tasks in exchange for cash.  You can earn cash to watch videos, listen to the radio, search the web, and much more.  Get started here.  Open in several countries.  I made a little over $1 K from this site also.

13.  Qmee – This is another one of my favorite ways to make money from home by simply using their extension when I search on sites like Google, Bing, eBay, and Amazon.  To date, I have earned over $900 from Qmee in 2015.  You can give it a try too by signing up here.

14.  Paid Viewpoint – This is one of the survey sites that I encourage you not to overlook because you will always qualify for surveys here, you need to be just 13 and you can earn up to $25 for every friend that you refer.  I have earned more than $900 from this survey site alone for the year.  You can watch my latest YouTube video here to find out more about how Paid Viewpoint works.

15.  Slicethepie – I noticed that I was able to do a lot of the catwalk tasks on reviewing clothes more than getting paid to listen to new tracks.  I also have referred a lot of people to try Slicethepie for extra income.  I earned over $800 from Slicethepie in 2015.  You can read my post on how to write a good review for Slicethepie here.

16.  Clickworker – This micro-tasking site is one that I still use and I earned over $600 in 2015.  You can earn extra cash by completing short tasks in data categorization, writing, translating, searching the web, and more.

17.  Createspace –  I use this site to sell physical copies of my book which gives my readers the option to have a copy of it in their homes.  I earned around $520 for the sales of these books so far in 2015.

18.  Fiverr – Although I just started using this site at the end of February, I have earned $475 for 2015 so far.  You can read how I earned $75 in 5 minutes of my time with Fiverr here.  Make sure you sign up to use Fiverr for extra income here.

19.  Hiving – This is a survey panel that I used to earn close to $300 in 2015.

20.  Infolinks – This is another global affiliate company that I used on one of my blogs to generate income from ads that are displayed there.  I was able to earn about $275 from this site.

What sites did you use in 2015 to earn extra cash from home?

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atlmom5 · January 14, 2016 at 7:15 pm

Great list! Many of them I have used or know about. But I’m really interested in Panthera Network, it seems like that could be an interesting affiliate program to use. I currently use the CJ affiliate and Google AdSense, but I’m always looking for new sites to use.

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