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Have you ever wondered about those mystery shopping jobs and questioned whether it was legitimate or not?  I had those same thoughts until I actually signed up for a company and earned money myself from a true legitimate mystery shopping company.  At the time it was called Shop n’ Chek but it is now named Market Force.  It is still in operation today and is endorsed by the Better Business Bureau.  
Having said that, you probably are aware that there are several individuals and scam artists that will use and exploit this to their advantage to try to lure unsuspecting people with a mystery shopping scam.  Here is the breakdown of how it works:
  1. They will contact you via email stating that they would like to be a paid mystery shopper for their program.
  2. You will receive an acceptance letter stating that you need to call a phone number in order to activate your mystery shopping account.
  3. There will also be an enclosed payroll check that you are told to transfer into your bank account in order to get paid for your assignments.
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Is this really how mystery shopping companies work?

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Why would someone send you a payroll check before you have ever completed or even agreed to complete any work for them?

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If you are thinking this sounds to good to be true, you are absolutely right!  So what exactly do they want from you and what is their goal or intention?

These questions will be answered in the two videos that I just made, uploaded, and published to YouTube.  It will also give names of legitimate mystery shopping companies that you can sign up with, what you can do if you ever receive anything like this, and where you can go online to find legitimate mystery shopping assignments.  I hope that this brings awareness to scams so that you can avoid them.

You can watch the first one here.


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