Slicethepie is a website that pays people to listen to new music and write a short review.  Many of you are using or have used Slicethepie in the past but now the site has totally changed.  What’s new at Slicethepie?  Now they need people to review all sorts of things  including music for extra cash.  I will explain some of the similarities with Slicethepie and some of the changes that you will see when you sign up for Slicethepie or log into your account.

What are some of the changes at Slicethepie?

When you visit Slicethepie’s official website you will immediately see that their whole website has been changed and transformed into a more modern yet simple design.  It kind of reminds me of the new homepage at Humanatic.  On their homepage you will see text that  explains exactly what Slicethepie is, how your reviews help artists, record labels and brands and how you can make money doing this.  You will see mostly grey and white colors with a pop of orange.  Slicethepie’s new slogan is now, “Get paid for your opinion”.  That slogan reminds me of something you would see when you are registering for a new survey panel for the first time.

When you log into your Slicethepie account, you will see 4 different categories that you can review.

  1.  1.  Music
  2.  2.  Fashion
  3.  3.  Mobile
  4.  4.  Lucky Dip

If you want to review clothes instead of music, you are free to do so now.  You can also rate and review commercials and possibly mobile apps.  If you select the Lucky Dip category, you will have the option of being able to review a random selection of things so that you will not get bored or stuck in one category.  This new feature will make reviewing things on Slicethepie a little more interesting and help to keep your reviews fresh.

Another new feature about reviewing items on Slicethepie is that they have eliminated the time limit on reviews.  This means that you can know take your time and work at your own pace.  It will help reviewers to elevate the pressure of trying to come up with reviews in just a few short minutes.  You will have the time you need to gather your thoughts and put them in concise order and write better reviews.

Slicethepie also states on their official website that they will be releasing a mobile app that will be available on Android and iOS.  In the very near future, Slicethepie reviewers will be able to log in and start reviewing items right from their smartphones and mobile devices.  These are some of the changes that Slicethepie has made but what has remained the same?

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What has not changed at Slicethepie?

As a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards. Click Here

Slicethepie will still allow you to work as much or a little as you want.  They still pay their reviewers every Tuesday and Friday as long as you have at least $10 in your account via PayPal.  Your earnings are still based on your star rating meaning that the more stars you have the more you will earn.  They are still open to teens.

How can I make more at Slicethepie?

Slicethepie recommends that you write reviews in well-written English.  This is a definite factor into how much you can earn here.  If you need more tips on how to write a better review for Slicethepie, make sure you read this post.  Some categories pay more than others on Slicethepie.  Make sure that you try to review as many categories as you can so that you can see which categories pay more and select those to get your cash faster.  You can also earn more money by referring your friends to sign up for and use Slicethepie, so make sure that you spread the word!

How do I sign up for Slicethepie?

You can sign up for Slicethepie here.  If you are looking for more sites that will pay you to listen to music, chat online, rate articles and more, please go to the Get Paid Online page of Workersonboard.com.

What this latest YouTube video to see the new Slicethepie

What do you think of the new Slicethepie?  Leave me your comments below.

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