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If you were getting paid to watch YouTube videos from Rate My Video, you may be wondering what happened to them.  All of a sudden it seemed as though they simply shut down for no apparent reason.  If you were a member of this company, you can no longer log in and have access to watching videos and if you wanted to sign up, then you can’t because the system will not allow you to do so.

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Here is the official message from Rate My Video as stated below:

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Thank you for your interest in Rate My Video!  Unfortunately, we are no longer in operation, and we are not accepting any new users.  We appreciate the time and feedback you have given us, and we ask that you stay tuned for any more updates!

The Rate My Video Team

I was thinking when I wrote this post that this has actually happened before to a few companies in the past where they started off pretty good and actually paid their members but ended up closing down.  Which ones am I referring to?  Do you remember the companies All Advantage and All Community where they would pay you to install a bar on your computer that would run and play ads while you would browse the Internet?  This was a part of those “get paid to surf the web” sites back in the late 90s.

All Advantage was one of the more popular ones at that time because they paid you .50 per hour to surf the net.  I actually got paid from both of these companies but they quickly shut down after 18 months.  When they did shut down, many of their members were never paid what they were owed.  More recently, Beezag shut down their operations not too long ago and they would pay you to watch videos and commercials right from your computer.  This is what the status of Rate My Video reminds me of.

Will Rate My Video come back again?

I’m not sure whether or not Rate My Video will resurface again or not but it doesn’t sound too promising when they do not answer and respond to emails.  Just know that this has happened before and could possibly happen again to another company but do not be discouraged because this post contains other companies that are still in business and will pay you for minimal work.

Unfortunately, this may happen at times, especially with these newer companies that come on the scene but I do have a couple of alternatives that you can try in the meantime while I continue to look for something similar or just as easy as Rate My Video.  You can sign up with all of these companies and use them in combination with each other to help you increase or possibly replace your earnings from Rate My Video.

Here are a few recommendations that you can sign up for today.

Swagbucks is also another company that will pay you to do a variety of things online including watching videos, searching the web, playing games, answering surveys, discovering offers, and searching the Internet.  You can sign up for Swagbucks and start earning rewards from them today by clicking here.

Rewardia is a company that will pay you to watch YouTube videos but they do not have very many for you to watch there so you may have to log on every day to see if they have some available.  They will also pay you to rate, comment, and watch ads as well.  You can check out their official website here.

Inbox Dollars will pay you by check to take surveys, play games, shop online, search the web, redeem grocery coupons, and more.  This company will even give you $5 just for signing up!  Check out their site here.

Slicethepie will also pay you to review sequences from feature films and give your honest review.  You will rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.  You can also review and rate music, fashion, and more.


Anna · May 1, 2013 at 7:58 pm

I just found out today they were gone. Kind of reminds me of Superpoints. Seemed like things were going pretty good and then Poof! They vanished.

You never know when it might happen with some of these companies. Fortunately there are good alternatives out there like the ones you mentioned.

    ALICIA · May 1, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    Hi Anna, I forgot to mention Superpoints but you are absolutely right! Right after I signed up with this company, they shut down shortly thereafter. It could happen at any time and that is why it is good to have several gigs on the side that you can do from home. I sign up with several companies just in case. Thank you for your comments!

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