I finally made a video about how you can improve your chances of actually getting a work at home job.  I mostly post the latest work at home job opportunities on my official website at Workersonboard, which I posted today on the weekly job section that you can view here, as well as this blog and I thought it was long overdue for me to share exactly what employers are looking for and how you can have an edge over your competition.  If you have not had very much success in getting that work from home job and you have been applying to almost every company you can think of, this post and video below may be helpful to you.

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I did leave an important part out of the video that I will share here in this post.  This is in regard to your interview.  This tip may sound strange but it can prove to be an asset and even increase your chances of getting a work at home job.  If your interview will be handled over the telephone, it may be a good idea to stand up when talking with your potential employer.  Why?  Because it will improve the overall quality of your voice.  It allows your lungs to get more air and you will breathe more easily and naturally.  If you apply this technique, your voice will be more confident and you will be more relaxed in general.  Sometimes interviews can create a bit of nervousness so standing up can help to eliminate this problem.

Not only can this simple technique help you in the employer’s impression about you but it can also be used when you are working in sales or cold calling.  There are several work at home jobs in sales, which are mostly commission based.  If you happen to have a work at home job that involves cold calling or sales, incorporate this technique regularly.  It may increase your earnings and turn those calls into sales for you.

You can also watch my latest video below for even more tips on your resume, interview, and how to increase your chances of landing a work at home job.

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Marie Surles · September 12, 2013 at 4:21 am

There is no boss and no specific working time in online home based job. Instead you are the boss and you are rewarded based upon your personal development and your efforts.

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