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Would you like to work from home calling in orders to restaurants that have been placed by customers on their official website or through their app?  If so, Postmates is now hiring independent contractors to work from home doing just that.  This is a work at home company that I recommend because you are not required to have any previous experience, can use your cell phone, and are allowed to connect to the Internet

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What is Postmates?

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Postmates is an on-demand delivery service that is based out of San Francisco, California that makes it very convenient and easy for customers to have food, grocery, household, and other essential items delivered right to their door with the click of a button or through the swipe of their smartphone.  They have couriers available to deliver your items in less than an hour.  Their service is available in most of the major cities across the US with new cities added regularly.

If you visit their official website you will not see any openings for work-at-home positions but they do hire people to work from home.  Although they do not require any experience here are some of the things that they look for in their callers.

  • The ability to speak clearly.
  • Familiar with a variety of food items.
  • Comfortable talking over the phone.
  • Can commit to at least 10 hours per week.
  • Have a phone, computer, and Internet connection.

Postmates does require that you complete a background check but there is no charge or cost to you. Postmates will cover the cost for you.  Here are some more details outlined about how Postmates pay their workers and their work schedule.

  • Postmates pays you per call every week via direct deposit.
  • You are not required to have a landline phone to work for Postmates.
  • You can set your own schedule as long as you commit to the 10 hours a week.

A lot of you have told me that you have gotten hired to work for Postmates after I made a video about this work-at-home job on YouTube.  If you really want to know what it is like to work for Postmates, one of my subscribers has shared their personal experience taking calls for Postmates that you can read below.

Postmates Work at home Review

I wanted to share something about Postmates with you.  After you posted about them, I applied and looked into their company.  Overall it has been very good, and just wanted to share some ups and downs so that others have a good understanding of what you want to share it.
I have been working with them for over a week now.  Here are the goods.
There are always shifts available.  Even if the schedule says closed, you can still log in.  The schedule comes out 3 weeks in advance so you know what you are working on ahead of time.
The minimum is 10 hours per week and you have to be scheduled that 10 hours but there is no cap on the maximum!  They do ask that you swap a shift for an hour and not jump on for 10 minutes and jump off but stay a whole hour.  But it’s not a requirement.
There is a chat program dedicated to the new remote CSRs to ask questions if there is a problem, and everyone is logged in during their time.
You can use wifi and any phone.  Cell phone, home phone, someone else’s phone… that is very convenient!
There are bonuses you can achieve during certain times.  A holiday weekend could pay more, or if your scores are high enough, you could make a bonus.  There is more than the base amount per call at times.  They let you know if there are incentives going on to get more people to either be on when it’s busy or on weekends and holidays.
Most calls average 4+ minutes, not 2.  Mostly due to the merchants you are calling food into. They are busy or put you on hold and you have to wait.  That dramatically reduces the money you make per call.  Some calls are faster.  For example, if you get coffee orders and the courier picks them up but they want more call-ins to speed up the ordering process ( which is understandable), some calls can be over 5 minutes especially if there are language barriers or busy restaurants.
There are not always answers in the chat from a lead, due to being busy themselves and it can leave someone making a guess which could potentially be wrong and a whole myriad of issues from that could arise.
It is a first come first get claiming process.  If someone has faster internet, they will get more claims and therefore make more money.  It is not a rotating claim system so, when you are there, you have to click the claim button and hope you get something.  Most of the time the average hour is 18 claims.  If you work that out with no bonuses, it is less than $8.00 per hour.
Now in saying that, it is a great second income!  Some places in the south have minimum wages of less than $8.00 per hour.  It could ultimately replace their first income.  Just keep in mind though that the more people there are working, the less money you make because everyone is fighting for the claims at the same time.
I have figured out that at part-time hours, I could generate an extra $600 per month.  At more full-time hours I could generate $800 or more per month.  That is a huge payment on something!
Overall, I have been very happy with them picking my hours, being able to work an hour and take off three if I need it to take care of something.  Then work another couple of hours, take care of dinner and work again.  It is definitely awesome!
There are still many people that have no idea who Postmates is, but it’s growing quickly.  I would not be surprised if this company continues to build in different and smaller cities, therefore needing to continue to hire more reps from home.  I will be staying with them even if I work with someone else.  This is very easy, though frustrating sometimes with the language barriers and holds times but overall, my experience with Postmates has been wonderful.
Thank you for bringing content all the time.  I look forward to your videos and just wanted to share my experience with you.
If you want to apply to Postmates, make sure that you watch this video below in order to know exactly how to do so.  You will need to send them a resume.

If you want to share your work at home experiences with me from a company that you have worked for or are working for currently, please contact me via email or use the form below and share with me your story so that I can in turn share it with others.


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    aw1219 · August 4, 2015 at 5:32 pm

    Hi Rachel, you can try applying to companies like Pierce Eislen because they are currently hiring rent surveyors to work from home. Uhaul is also hiring reservation agents to take calls from their customers. Enterprise rent a car, iSoft Stone, Asurion, TeleNetwork and others are hiring. You can find more listed on the weekly job section posted on the weekly job section of You can also click on the Daily Job Search page on this site and input work at home, work from home, remote, telecommute and other search terms to see the latest companies hiring remote workers.

Christopher Flores · October 27, 2015 at 6:32 am

Hi I noticed Postmates and would like to apply however am not sure exactly were to apply at. Can you help point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Trina Taylor · February 26, 2016 at 2:57 am

I am looking forward to starting my new journey as a work at home grandmother.

Naresh Kumar · March 10, 2016 at 4:04 pm


My wife wants to work from home. She did worked for India Hyderabad for about 3 years. If you could let me know if there are any companies who can hire from India.

Thank you,

katrina mathews · December 21, 2016 at 6:07 pm

Hello i wanted to know whats was postmates e-mail so I can get started with sending them my resume. Thanks in advance

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