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Would you like to earn money daily by selling on a new online marketplace called LivePerk?  Are you looking for another way to make money from home without having your own blog or website?  If you are struggling to find a legitimate or even new way to make money online and nothing has seemed to work for you yet, give LivePerk (one word) a try.

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What is LivePerk?

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LivePerk is a new online marketplace that allows you to sell any kind of service that you can provide to others virtually.  It is somewhat similar to Fiverr but a little different in the sense that you can also offer to chat with others live via web, text, audio, and more.  So this would be perfect for those who have expert advice to offer, would like to consult with others, or have some knowledge and information to share on various subjects.  This is just one of the many services that you can sell to your clients or customers on this online portal.

How is LikePerk like Fiverr? 

Just like Fiverr, LIvePerk will handle and take care of all the billing for you and charge your customers when they order one of your services.  They will also transfer your earnings either to your PayPal account, bank transfer, or a check depending upon which country you are located.  PayPal is the only withdrawal method available for those who live in the U.S. at this time.

LivePerk Features

One of the features that you may like the most about selling on LivePerk is that you can decide how much you want to charge for your gigs and not have them set for you.  This encourages sellers to deliver their best work and be compensated accordingly for doing so.  LivePerk is also available worldwide to help sellers have a broader reach.

How to get started with LivePerk

In order to get started selling on LivePerk, you will need to get a free account.  You can visit their official website here.  After you have your personal account created and set up to sell your services on LivePerk, you will need to build your profile and portfolio.

Make sure that you are very specific about any skills that you have and are willing to provide so that your profile will look professional and appealing to prospective buyers.  But the main way to get customers is to promote and advertise your services both offline and online.

Use social media, discussion boards, and online communities, your blog or website, business cards, and flyers, and even search for people who are looking for the very services that you provide right there on LivePerk so that you will get more sales.

Remember the more sales you are able to generate, the more likely it is that you will get stellar reviews.  Those positive reviews and recommendations will literally sell themselves because they will be displayed on your online portfolio which will encourage new customers to buy your online gigs with very little hesitation.

Regardless if you are a seller or buyer, LivePerk is definitely a company that I would recommend that you use and try to promote yourself for extra income.  So get started today by signing up for your free account here.


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