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Work at Home Jobs for Quilters

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If you are an experienced quilter and would like to work from home, there may be a job that is just perfect for you.  Patchwork Memories is a quilting company that is currently looking for quilters to work right from the comfort of their homes using their own equipment.

When I saw this job posting, I wasn’t sure if it was legit so I called them and asked a few questions about this work from home position and if they are in need of quilters to do this.  She informed me that it is a legitimate work-from-home opportunity and that they hire quilters who live in NC to work from home.

You will work as an independent contractor, not as an employee.  In addition to having your own equipment, they request that your home be a smoke-free environment and prefer that you have no pets for their clients who suffer from allergies.  You will be required to come into their office and pick up your piercing kit which includes everything except for thread.  The pay for this kind of work ranges from $62 up to $500 per job depending upon the size and complexity of the job you complete.

There is a potential for you to earn pretty decent money from home if you are experienced in quilting and live near their Cary, NC shop.  Remember that they pay their quilters by the job.  If you are interested in working from home as a quilter for Patchwork Memories, please contact Julie Ann or Ginger via phone at (919) 238-9739 or go to their official website and fill out your information on the contact page here.

If you happen to know any experienced quilters that live in NC and would like to work from home as a quilter, please let them know about this legitimate work at home job opportunity.  For more unique work at home jobs, browse through my official website at

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