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As I woke up this morning, I saw some things around my house that I either don’t use anymore, don’t fit, or no longer have a need for.  Since spring is in full effect, this is the ideal time to declutter and do a little spring cleaning at the same time.  Not to mention the fact that you can earn some much-needed cash in the process.

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But what if you are the kind of person that does not have the time to host a yard sale to get rid of your items or selling on eBay or Craigslist simply does not appeal to you?

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Is there another way to get around this?

Yes, there is.  In fact, there are a few companies that make it very convenient for you to sell online without having to take and upload photos or ship out the items yourself.  So whether you are trying to sell your maternity clothes that you no longer need or use, your kid’s clothes and shoes that have gotten too little, your old cellphone that is simply collecting dust in the drawer, and even some of your textbooks, books, or movies that you no longer watch or read, there is a place for you to sell your stuff completely online.

Where can I sell my stuff online, you may ask?  

Look no further.  I have a list of sites that makes spring cleaning a little bit easier and rewarding because all you have to do are these 5 simple steps listed below.

1.  Visit the site that you are interested in selling online.

2.  Sign up for an account.

3.  Log in to your account.

4.  Sort through the items that you want to sell.

5.  Put them in a bag or box and ship them to the company for FREE!  (Many companies supply you with a free bag).  

Now you just simply wait until the company personally goes through your shipment and wait to get paid.  Remember that if you fill up a bag or box you can either request a new one or send in multiple bags at a time.

Here are some companies that will pay you to sell your stuff to them online that you can try today.


You can sell your clothes, maternity clothes, handbags, accessories, kids’ clothes, shoes, and more at Thredup.  You can earn your cash upfront or after an item sells up to 80% via PayPal. is another site that you can use to sell your kid’s clothes, toys, games, and other items as well as women’s apparel online.  You simply pack the items in a box, take your box with your free shipping label to the UPS box collection or give it to a UPS driver, set a sales price for your items, and get paid via PayPal.  Payments are sent out every two weeks.


Sell your used textbooks back to this company by entering the ISBN number of the book.  When it sells, you will get paid via direct deposit to your bank account or as a store credit.

Cash 4 Books

Receive a check in the mail or PayPal payment when you sell your used books with their prepaid label for free!  You can even scan your ISBN number barcode with their smartphone app!


Sell or trade in your used phones, electronic devices including computers and tablets, and even broken phones online.  Ship it to them for free and get paid fast by check, Amazon gift cards, or PayPal.

Book Scouter

Use this site to get the best price for your books online.

Sell on Amazon

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Amazon has a trade-in program where you can sell items to Amazon even if you didn’t purchase them there, ship them to Amazon for free and receive an Amazon gift card.  Items that they accept are phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, wearables, books, textbooks, video games, TV and movies, music, MP3 players, and other electronics.


Yes, you can sell your items on your Facebook group or on Facebook Marketplace.  Make sure that you list any defects, stains, etc. and also sell it for a reasonable price and upload photos to ensure your item sells.


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