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If you are looking for a work at home job that does not require you to be on the telephone, Lionbridge is one of the many companies that give you this option.  Lionbridge outsources professional services for clients all over the world.  This affords the opportunity for independent contractors to work remotely completing a variety of tasks from their home office.

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What kind of work is available on Lionbridge?

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These are some of the Internet-based positions that Lionbridge has available.

  • Multimedia Judge
  • Internet Search Administrator
  • Internet Assessor
  • Social Media Internet Assessor
  • Ad Assessor
  • Internet Crowd Worker
  • Speller Web Content Assessor
  • Query Understanding Judge
  • Web Content Assessor
  • Internet Crowd Worker

These positions are open worldwide and give anyone who is fluent in their language, good at searching the Internet, has access to a computer and high-speed Internet a chance to make money working from home on a part-time basis for up to 20 hours per week.

Essentially Lionbridge offers services to search engines to ensure that users have a pleasant experience while searching the Internet. However, before you can work for this organization you must pass an exam.  You can find specific details about their application process, what you can expect on the exam, how long it will take, and why it is required in the first place.

Lionbridge Exam

The Lionbridge exam takes about one week to complete. The entire testing process may take up to two weeks. The testing process includes a pre-screening type of test. The pre-screen is helpful in preparing users for the actual test. If you take the test and do not do well, it is possible to take another test at a later time.

The Lionbridge test consists of a total of 150 detailed questions.  The first part of the exam consists of 24 questions.  The entire Lionbridge exam takes approximately five hours to complete.  The entire exam is divided into three parts.  The exam is designed to provide a person with specific guidelines and skills to be able to rate the results of search engines.

The Lionbridge exam has been described by some as being intense and somewhat difficult. However, others have commented that the exam is fairly easy as long as you take the time to prepare.

Preparation is key when you go to prep yourself for the Lionbridge exam or any exam for that matter.

It is easy to apply online for any of these work-at-home positions on Lionbridge’s official website.  Once you complete an online application you should be contacted within two weeks for an interview.  After the interview is conducted you should receive your test preparation materials within about a week or so.

Lionbridge Pay

The pay rate may vary depending upon the position, the country in which you live, and job requirements.  However, you can expect to be paid no less than $10 an hour for services rendered.  Some positions may have a higher pay rate possibly as much as $13.00 an hour.  You can expect to always be paid on time with no discrepancies regarding your payment amounts.  I would highly recommend working for this company from home.

Lionbridge offers payment through a bank transfer or they will send you a check for your services.

What if you are a person that does not enjoy taking lengthy tests?  There is a way to get around this and still work for Lionbridge.  How?  The video below will explain exactly how to do this.  You can also check out more non-phone work-at-home jobs by clicking here.


liel rose · March 27, 2015 at 8:13 pm

Is there any where to find answers to the lionbridge exam? Or any where to pay someone to help with questions?

    AdvisorFirst · October 11, 2015 at 8:11 pm

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