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Do you desire to work from home but prefer a job that is not too heavy?  By that I mean, something that could be considered complex, complicated, or extremely demanding.  If so, I have a few work-at-home jobs that are perfect for beginners and others who may have not fully dabbled into the work-at-home arena.

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Most of these jobs allow you to set your own schedule or work when you choose to.  Of course, there may be some exceptions to this rule because every work-at-home job is not exactly the same but you are free to select from the jobs that appeal to you the most and apply to those.  Many of these companies have very basic requirements for their remote workers which means that you will have a greater chance of being able to secure seasonal work, temporary employment, and in some cases full-time employment.

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If you have never worked from home before and you are not sure where to start or what company you should apply to, this list is for you.

Cool Work at home Jobs for Beginners

Survey Administrator

Vocalabs has work-at-home jobs that involve calling customers after a customer service interaction to perform a short interview about the experience.  No selling or cold calling is involved.  Your interviews will be recorded.  You are only required to speak fluent English, have good phone skills, and have a quiet work environment.  They have extremely flexible hours that allow you to work as little or as much as you want.  They pay $2.50 per survey.  Pay is $2.50 per survey.  Payment is made in 7 days.  There is a waiting list for this company but they are still accepting auditions.

Data Entry

Door Dash (the on-demand restaurant delivery service) is hiring data entry keyers to enter restaurant menus into their database.  They pay $10 per completed, accurate menu and they need you to complete 30 menus a week.  That equates to $300 a week.  They only require you to type 50 wpm and have fast Internet but you will need to live near Atlanta, GA in order to train on-site for 2 hours.  The orientation will start next week.  This job does require you to commit to at least 20 hours a week.

I found this job lead while I was searching for work-at-home jobs to post on the weekly job section of

Telephone Mystery Shoppers

Call Center QA is a company that is on the lookout for people to work from home as telephone mystery shoppers.  You will evaluate various businesses across the US.  They only require you to be able to write and speak English and to follow directions.  They prefer you to use your cellphone. They pay $5 per call.  Calls last 5 to 10 minutes.  Pays in 7 days via PayPal.

Ticket Pullers

If you can type fast, you can get paid up to $50 to help fans get the seats they want at entertainment, sports events, and so forth from a company called Ticket Puller.  You will work when there are sessions available.  They will notify you via email when you are needed.  Payment is made via PayPal.  You can read my full review about Ticket Puller here.

Call Center Evaluators

ARC Consulting, LLC has work-at-home jobs in mystery shopping, call monitoring, satisfaction surveys, and analysis calls.  You will need a good phone presence and developed listening skills.  Pays around $3 up to $12 per task every month.

Virtual Assistant

A company similar to Humanatic is looking for virtual assistants to work from home part-time listening to recordings of inbound and outbound sales calls to select sort and evaluate those calls based on specific guidelines.  This is a long-term work-at-home job that will provide you with a steady income.  You will need previous experience in customer service, sales, or telemarketing and above-average communication skills.  An evaluation test will be given.  Pays $30 for one job.  Weekly pay through Upwork.

Call Reviewers

Humanatic is seeking call reviewers to work from home listening to recorded calls from various businesses and sorting them into categories.  You can work this job whenever you want.  Pay a few cents per call sorted.  You will need a valid email address and a verified PayPal account. Humanatic has an app that will allow you to review calls from your smartphone.  Weekly pay via Paypal.  You can read some of the new changes at Humanatic here.

Smart Crowd

Lionbridge has freelance micro-tasks that you can do from home typing in data in the form of alpha and numeric keystrokes, data research, translation, and more.  Pays every two weeks via PayPal or Dwolla.  If you don’t get on with this company you can try others that are similar like, and Telus International.

Home Based Operators

Great American Opportunities is a company that recruits home agents to enter magazine subscriptions and gift orders from their home computers.  They pay per piece rate or order form completed.  The only requirement is that you have to pass their data entry skills test and have a Windows-based computer.  Follow me on YouTube to find out when you take the test to be put on their waiting list.  You can find out what score you will need to receive in order to get invited to work for this company and other work-at-home jobs by checking out my e-book on Amazon, “300 + Companies that Pay you to Work from Home“.

Mystery Shoppers

SkilCheck is looking for people to pose as interested customers making telephone mystery calls to companies all over the US and Canada.  You must like talking on the phone and being computer literate.  You can use a computer or tablet with Word installed.  You will need to work 4 solid hours a day.  Pays $10 per hour.

Rent Surveyors

Pierce Eislen seasonally recruits home agents to conduct rent surveys from home.  This involves you calling various apartment communities asking a variety of questions and updating the information online.  No selling is involved.  You must have fast Internet and long-distance service.  Pays $6 per hour plus piece rate.  This company will be recruiting in the spring.

Survey Center Interviewers

Maritz CX is hiring part-time survey interviewers to work from home conducting customer satisfaction surveys.  No sales or solicitation is involved.  Must be friendly, have general computer knowledge and know-how to read and follow instructions.  You can split up your hours working for this company.  Pays minimum wage plus an increase for perfect attendance.

Chat Agents

Needle has work-at-home chat jobs where you will chat with customers to help them find the right products.  You can set your own schedule.  You will earn money as well as points that you can redeem for cool products.  Pays every Monday through your PayPal account.

Good Starters

Pleio is seeking good starters to work from home placing calls to patients to get on a good routine for taking their medications by providing them with resources and reminders.  You must have good reading skills and be computer savvy.  Pays $14-$18 per hour.  Payment is made monthly via direct deposit.  You can read my full review of Pleio here.


Live World has work-at-home jobs for those who wouldn’t mind moderating online communities by protecting a brand’s image and making it a healthy environment for its customers, members, and users.  They are looking for people who have good communication skills, be strong typists, have previous online moderating or customer service experience, and be familiar with social media.  You will need a phone for training only.  May work evenings, weekends and on holidays.

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Elise Coupland · March 30, 2016 at 7:58 pm

I just got hired by SkilCheck making $10 and hour! Now I don’t have to worry about daycare for my little one this summer as background noise in encouraged for it to seem more realistic. So happy!!

    aw1219 · April 5, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    Hi Elise and thank you for sharing your good news with us! I really hope that you like your job and keep me posted on your work at home journey. Congratulations!!!

    clarice Stuart · April 7, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    Elise , how much do you make a week?

Clarice · April 7, 2016 at 9:46 pm

Elise, How much do you make a week?

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