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Hopefully, 2017 has been good to you in the sense that you have been employed by a work at home company, you discovered a passion that you would like to pursue, been able to use an app or website for steady income, starting your own blog, website, YouTube channel or anything else in between.  If it hasn’t happened to you just yet, don’t give up yet because 2018 is just around the corner with new opportunities and possibilities that will help you to reach your goals.

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I like to be as transparent as possible about my mistakes, successes, failures even highs and lows.  I hope that you will be able to learn from my personal journey and experiences working from home as a teaching tool and motivation for you to try something different or find your own path as a remote worker, blogger, or even entrepreneur.  Remember that I am here to share and support you in your journey.

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This post is just to give you a glimpse into the life of a stay at home mom who happens to be a blogger and how you and others have responded to my content in the form of blog posts, videos, and other ways.  I hope that you will be inspired to try it too.

Top 10 Posts, Videos, and Earners for 2017!


  1. The Real Truth About Working from home for Lionbridge – To this day, I am honestly shocked at how this post still garners attention and comments from those who want to work or have worked for Lionbridge in the past.  I feel that the comments are just as if not more important than the actual post itself.  There is a lot of insight into the company and what it has to offer its remote workers as well as some of the pros and cons of working for this company.
  2. Work at home Jobs you can do on your Smartphone – Almost everyone I know now has a smart phone.  Why not use it to work from home?  I thought this would be a great subject to talk about and explore some companies that offer this option to give others an opportunity to work from home without a desktop or laptop computer.  If you have a smart phone and want to work from home, make sure you read this post for a list of companies that you can apply online.
  3. 50 Ways to Make $20 a Day – This post was a real labor of love because I tried to come up with as many ideas and sites that almost anyone from any location can use to reach the goal of being able to earn $20 a day.  By using more than one site, it is possible for you to earn more.
  4. List of Sites that will Pay you for your Poems – I love poetry and used to collect a journal of poems for my personal collection.  This topic was true to my heart and I hoped that some of you may be interested in this topic as well.  Of course, not everyone will want to sell their poems but if you do, there is money to be made.
  5. How to Make $12 an hour on Music Xray – I wrote this post a few years back and I still use this site today.  At the time, I was getting a lot of songs to review.  So many, that I could not keep up.  I love music and I thought that this would be the perfect topic to inform my readers about.  The figure that I came up with is based on my calculations of you getting a steady stream of music to review for the time frame required.  You can read this post to find out more information about how this site works and how to sign up too.
  6. Work at home Jobs that Pay via Paypal – PayPal is still a popular method that a lot of remote workers prefer to receive payment.  Not only will you get your money faster but you save yourself a step from going to the bank and cashing your check, preventing it from getting lost or stolen in the mail.  Now, most companies only pay by this method but there are still several exceptions.  If you are looking for a list of companies that pay via PayPal, make sure you read this post.
  7. 15 Work at home Companies that will give you a Computer – So many of you have asked me if there were any companies that do not require for you to have a computer at home.  Although they were few and far between, I did notice that some employers would give their remote workers a computer to help cover the cost and expenses incurred of those who want to work virtually.  My hope was to eliminate this fear that many have that could pose an obstacle to working from home.
  8. 13 Sites that Pay you to Watch TV and Videos – If you are a TV or video buff, this idea is a no-brainer.  You can actually earn free gift cards, prizes, and cash for doing something you enjoy.
  9. Work at home Jobs that Hire Worldwide – Another popular topic by demand that I wanted to do some further research to present you with legitimate companies that hire from any location.  Even though there is more work at home job leads in the US, there are still some employers who hire all over the world and this post proves that statement to be true.
  10. Work at home Job-like Humanatic that Pays More – Humanatic is one of the easiest work at home jobs to get and do in your spare time.  A lot of people expressed that they like the job but would like it even better if they could earn more money and this is what inspired me to write this post.

Videos (Don’t forget to Subscribe Here)

  1. Make $12 per hour listening to songs – I never knew this would be my most popular video but it is and remained so for the past 2 years now.
  2. Get paid up to $700 a week as a chat agent (micro Jobs) – I published this video in August of this year and it is my second most watched video for 2017.
  3. Work at home Data Entry Job that pays $18 per hour – I was so excited when I found a legitimate company that was looking for data entry keyers that paid such a high hourly rate that I made a video about it.  Although this company has filled this position, this is a highly viewed video because there are a lot of people who have an interest in data entry.
  4. Non phone work at home job with weekly pay – Non-phone jobs are almost as popular as data entry jobs.  Many more so because there are more to choose from than data entry.  You can find some employers that will pay you a decent hourly wage as well.
  5. Real Tips for Music Xray Fans – I think by default this video gets a lot of interest because of my number one top rated video.  I wanted to explain in detail not just about how you can use Music Xray to make money listening to songs but also how you can get more songs to review because a lot of people were struggling in this area.  You can watch this video to see what tips I reveal.
  6. How I made $75 in just 5 minutes – This is one of the videos that I am actually surprised about myself because I would find it hard to believe that you can make this amount online in such a short period of time if I hadn’t achieved it myself.  This video shows proof of how I did this and what site I used to inspire others to try it also.
  7. Non phone job that pays $30 per hour plus earn $10 Today – I created, uploaded, and published this video on December the 1st of this year and I am glad that others decided to watch it to find out more details.
  8. Get paid multiple times a day with InstaGC – Another video tutorial that I enjoy because it helps to dispel the myth that you can’t make money from home with these “get paid to sites” and if you do, not every day.  InstaGC is one site that prides itself on the fact that you can get paid instantly and cash out multiple times in just one day.
  9. Work at home Jobs that Pay $17 per hour – This is another video that is based on my research about a work at home employer that starts out with a high hourly rate.  You can also find out how you can make money with your phone in the video too.
  10. 1,200 Work at home Jobs that pays $15 per hour – The last of the top 10 videos for the year that highlights one employer that has multiple work at home job leads with a great starting wage.  I also talked about the Gap hiring people to work from home and some smart phone apps that you can use for extra cash.


  • YouTube – I earn more money now from YouTube in a month than I do from Google Adsense.  This has not always been the case but it shows how times have changed and how others choose to receive their content – in video format.  Stay tuned to my official website at because I am going to do an official breakdown of my YouTube earnings from the beginning until now.
  • Google Adsense – I still earn money every day from having various advertisements placed on my blog from Google Adsense but the amount of money earned changes month-to-month.  Just in case you were wondering, I do earn more than $700 each month from Google Adsense.
  • Sponsors – My earnings would be significantly less without sponsors.  Having a blog affords me the opportunity to get exposure from companies and setting my own rates to earn a good steady stream of income on a monthly basis.  You get to establish partnerships and rapport with well-known companies and brands.
  • Panthera Interactive – An affiliate company that I partner with to earn a commission by featuring and publicizing other brands, businesses, etc.  You can sign up to be a publisher too.
  • Adbloom – Similar to Panthera Interactive where you can earn a commission to recommend products to your followers.  Very reliable and practical site for any blogger or influencer to use.
  • Udemy – I still earn a good amount from my online courses on Udemy.  I only have 2 courses but I am able to receive a payment each month from these courses.  I recommend that you try creating your own courses because it is passive income and easier than expected.  If you can upload a video, you can create your own course on Udemy.
  • InstaGC – It pays to use InstaGC.  They have so many promotions, incentives, and bonus points that you can earn throughout the year to keep you active on the site.  It is really fun to use for extra cash and even decent income online.
  • PrizeRebel – I have only used this site for just a few months but I earn close to $10 a day with PrizeRebel.  I am so glad that I decided to join this site and only wished that I did so sooner.
  • Ebates – Why I never used Ebates before still baffles me.  Now that I know the advantages of being an Ebates member, just how easy it is, that it’s free and gives me cash back when I shop is something that I will never turn my back on.  Ebates user for life!
  • Paid Viewpoint – Still one of my favorite survey panels of all time!  The polls are super short, easy, and only take a minute of your time.  You always qualify and many of the questions are in multiple choice format.

If you would like to share your top earners for 2017, your favorite video, or even some sites or ideas you plan to implement in 2018, please leave us your comments below.

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